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HDG Biomass Boilers

The HDG Biomass Boiler range from Zero Ridge

Our range of Biomass boilers from HDG come in three different fuel types, wood log, wood pellet and wood chip, and in a range of heat outputs from 10 kilowatts (small domestic) to 1 Megawatt (large commercial). So whatever your biomass needs we have the biomass boiler to suit you.

HDG K series pellet boiler
HDG K series pellet boiler
Satisfaction with Wood Burning

Generations of manufacturing biomass boilers has provided HDG with an unmatched knowledge base.
Due to our competent planning, those who decide in favour of a HDG bio heating system can rest assured that they receive a system that is optimally tailored to their individual requirements.

Economical, Low Cost Heating with Wood

With the increased scarcity of fossil fuels, heating your home has become more and more expensive. Using wood (biomass) as a fuel provides an economical and renewable alternative to this. The growth of the timber fuel industry has also meant that sourcing biomass fuels suitable for burning as fuel has never been easier.


HDG`s goal is to produce biomass boilers which both you the consumer and the HDG staff can be proud to be associated with. This is achieved through high quality training, modern technical equipment, and close collaboration with renowned research facilities.

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