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SHT Biomass Boilers

SHT biomass boilers from Salzburg, Austria are an innovative manufacturer in the development and marketing of environmentally friendly biomass boiler heating systems, specialising in both dual fuel systems that can burn pellets and logs and pellet only systems.

SHT biomass boilers are part of the Lohberger family and are firmly committed to being at the forefront of research and development, whilst embracing new technologies and innovations since their conception in 1925.

For nearly 90 years they have been producing innovative wood heating products and biomass boilers that have cemented their reputation and position in the industry. With highly skilled employees, modern production systems and well established business partnerships ensure they remain at the forefront of the biomass heating industry.

Continuous improvement is the philosophy of the company, resulting in the use of cutting edge technologies and production innovation to produce unrivalled biomass products of the highest quality.