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Zero Ridge offers independent and impartial consultancy and advice for a range of clients, drawing on its first-hand experience accumulated over 25 years.

From Oil, Gas or Biomass heating. Burning wood chip, pellet or logs as fuel, can revolutionise the way you heat your home or business, giving you both lower cost “renewable heat” and greater efficiency.

But it is important to get the solution right first time – we can help.

Our experience gained through been the UK distributor of HDG Bavaria and SHT biomass boilers, from designing and supporting over one thousand biomass installations nationwide, enables us to see the complete picture and provide a detailed view of what works, what doesn’t and how systems can be improved. Although Zero Ridge are the main distributors for HDG and SHT in the UK, we have experience across a broad product range enabling us to provide impartial advice.

Zero Ridge can call on this experience to give accurate, cost effective biomass consultancy. We have worked in the industry for a long time and are recognised industry experts, not only in the field of biomass boilers and fuel, but in the allied trades of engineering, forestry and logistics. Zero Ridge’s track record across the industry enables them to deliver targeted consultancy projects, from domestic to large scale industrial, both in relation to equipment and fuel. We want you to get the very best from your biomass system.

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