Biomass Design Services

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The vital difference between boilers can often be the original design services and consultation.

To correctly fit and run a biomass boiler includes many different aspects from the way to load a fuel store to the design of the chimney

Our design services can include all aspects of the installation if its required and requested. 

We would separate this is into 6 main areas; 

  1. Fuel store design to included method of delivery into the store and the delivery of the fuel to the boilers feed system.
  2. Boiler/plant room design. Correct equipment location depends on the space available. 3 D design allows for a clear view of the proposed equipment positions and for hydraulic and chimney installation.
  3. Service and maintenance. Space for servicing and maintenance is very important can often be ignored. Duties such as ash removal & boiler inspection should be made as easy as possible. As for servicing if the boiler is difficult to service costs will greatly increase.
  4. The hydraulic plumbing connections from boiler to accumulator and onwards need space for sensible install and insulation. If the install looks simply its often because it’s been carefully thought through and designed correctly.
  5. The flue connection to the appliance and the chimney its self-need to follow both safety and sensible rules to expel the products of combustion.
  6. Heat distribution and/or district heating. As important as the fuel supply is the heat distribution. This is probably the most important design feature of the any biomass install. The effective and demand greatly influences the biomass boilers operation. 
Carbon Neutral Balance

Wood can replace fossil fuel which will help the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.