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Zerobikes: Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are designed to assist your pedalling rather than replace it. The more pressure you apply to the pedals the more electrical power is applied to assist the rider. The motor will cut out once you reach 25kph (15.5mph) so if you want to go faster than that, it’ll be down to your effort.

E-bikes are at their best when you want to start commuting on two wheels, but feel your journey is just that bit too far or strenuous, or in off road situations where all the fun is in the downhill sections and you need that extra boost to get you back to the top of the hill so you can have the thrill of the decent again and again.

Assisted pedalling means less exertion and less chance of arriving at work or the top of the hill dripping in sweat.

There’s some evidence that e-bike owners cycle more, so even if it’s not as good a workout as a regular bike, it’s certainly better than nothing.

E-bikes are heavier than regular ones, often 7kg extra or more.

Zero bikes can supply bikes for all terrains and styles...

  • Off Road / Mountain Bikes
  • Utility Commuter
  • Road race
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